WIN 99% of Beezid auctions – Almost like scamming Beezid

Hey guys, I said I’d write a review on a useful tool I’ve been using to help me win auctions in Beezid so here it is (its like 101 on how to scam beezid). Make sure you READ the ENTIRE review.

By the way, if you came to the site with the question “is beezid a scam” then refer to my beezid scam post here for my opinion.

So anyways, first let me start with good news! I recently won another auction (after the terrible bitter failure on the macbook pro…). This time I actually went for a gift card which doesn’t sound that appealing at first compared to an iPad for example but it was a $300 dollar Best Buy gift card so it makes things very flexible for me.

Enough about that, so let me tell you about what I’ve been using.
It’s called Beezid Pro (Click here to get your copy now! BUT read the review first) and in a nutshell it basically lets you access statistical data (A LOT of data) on the auction as well as the bidders including the ENTIRE bidding history.

So basically, if you have this, you have a huge advantage over another fellow bidder who doesn’t.

Some KEY features:

Historic Price Stats: This feature tells you the avg. price, the median price, and the minimum/maximum price that an auction item of your choosing have sold for in the past 2, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90 days.

Why is this important?

If you look at this picture you’ll see the historic price data on an LG 42” HDTV. You see that in the past 30 days, 4 of these auctions have been held and the minimum price that the auction closed on was $26.51. So from this, what would you NOT do? You basically wouldn’t waste your bids before the item is at least $26+ dollars because it hasn’t sold recently for any less than that. BUT that is not to say that it can’t be sold for less because as you can see it has been sold for $1.66 in the past 60 and 90 days. You can combine this data with the data you can find on the “historic prices” tab next to the stats tab and see how OFTEN the HDTV actually sold for that little. I actually make a histogram out of these two data pages and from doing that I can see more clearly when I should make my move (It provides the histogram as well but I like to play around with the X-axis parameter to note some things using basic stats). You tell right away from the chart below some crucial information. Average price is $123.77 but as you can see the auction closes infrequently between $120-$160 (only twice) and the highest between $80-$120 and from $160-$240. Some other things you can learn from charts like this is the % chance of the auction closes at different prices by combining the area.

This is crazy right? Now lets look at how Beezid Pro can be used to also analyze your competition

Top Bidders and Bidders Info
This next picture shows data on your competition who are bidding for the same item. If you look, you can sort the list of all the bidders in the auction by the # of wins that they have. As you can see, mram3 who is participating in the auction has won 24 auctions out of 28 that he participated in and is colored bright RED because he would obviously be a tough opponent to go against. If you want more information, you can click on his name and get additional data (I can’t believe I can access all this) like which items he won/lost and how many # of bids he used which is CRUCIAL

Full Bid Timeline
Beezid auction will only show you the past 10 bids that was made but with Beezid Pro you’ll be able to see the ENTIRE bidding history and also how long someone has been idle since their last bid and how long they’ve been actively bidding (to determine if they just entered or have committed themselves)

and to TOP IT ALL OFF…drum roll…

ALERT notification
You can actually set the software to send you an email or a TXT msg to your phone when an item either hits a certain price level you choose or if it has less than a certain # of bidders or BOTH. This is absolutely crazy and I still can’t believe this. With this, you don’t have to be constantly on the computer “wasting” time observing auctions but ONLY BE THERE WHEN YOU NEED TO BE THERE

I can go on and on about other perks this software provides. As you use this more you’ll develop your own way of interpreting the data and find EXACTLY what works for you. Also, if you find yourself not able to win using this right away, here’s a tip for you: spend some time following those top bidders and observe what they do and MIMIC exactly. Beezid Pro tells you which bidders are good as i’ve mentioned before and you can win by immitating their bidding pattern even if you’re weak on interpreting the data yourself.

I hope this brief but still somewhat comprehensive review helps you win some BIG auctions! This is so good that Beezid should be more worried about getting scammed than beezid scam ing you!

You can also watch a video review here:

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Beezid Scam – How does it work?

Hey guys, I decided to write a final post on the matter of whether Beezid is a scam or not. I’ve already made my post about my winning AND losing experience in Beezid but in this post i’ll address the¬†fundamental¬†issue that explains how Beezid actually works.

The question is – How can they sell something that is worth $1000+ dollars for $10 dollars and survive? It must be a scam.

In order to answer this, you have to first understand how penny auctions operate in general. Unlike ebay where you bid for an item for free, it costs money for you to make bids on penny auctions. You can buy bid packs in different sizes as low as 30 bids to as high as 500 bids and depending on which pack you buy (with bulk buy discount), each bid is going to cost between 60 cents to 90 cents.

So If a macbook pro gets sold for $56.89, what does that mean?Well, each auction starts at $0.00 and increases by 1 cent (reason why it’s called a penny auction) when someone bids on the item and refreshes the countdown timer that ends the auction. This continues until whenever the countdown timer reaches zero, and in this case, the person who bid that made the price go from 56.88 to 56.89 would have won. In other words, the person who made the 5689th bid won the item (since 1 bid raises the price by 1 cent).

And if you remember back to when I said each bid costs somewhere between 60 cents to 90 cents, 5689 bids would mean $4551.20 in terms of bids that people purchased if I assume the average bid cost used was 80 cents.

In the end, one person can pay less than $60 for a macbook pro which would cost over a $1000, but Beezid will also make $3000+ in profit after considering the item cost.

So who loses? Unfortunately, someone has to pay for the low cost that the winner gets the auctioned item and the profit that Beezid makes, and it is distributed by all the OTHER bidders who made bids but didn’t win the item in the end. Basically, its a similar idea to how lottery works and hopefully that can clear up some notion that penny auctions must be a scam (though there are illegitimate auction sites that cheat – but beezid has been inspected by many and wasn’t found to be a fraud – it even came on TV!) because of the “low cost” of the item.

If you’re not convinced, you can read my experiences on winning and losing items on beezid throughout my blog. It’s really your choice in the end and It’s more than fine if you decide not to use it (less competition for me! haha)

On the other hand, if you are interested, check out my sign up page to get started with coupons I have!

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I lost the macbook pro auction…by 1 BID!

ARGH. so yesterday I decided to finally try out beezid pro to see how it could help me. It’s really a great tool and I’ll make a review post on it so you can kind of get a good idea of what its like to use it.
But for now, let me express my regret I feel for not trusting the program and stopping the bid which was actually the second to last bid before the auction ended. I almost feel as if scammed. How could I lose an auction by just ONE bid. and its not even a small thing but it was the newest macbook pro.

is beezid a scam? it certainly feels that way but fortunately its not. Everything pointed toward the auction ending soon. The statistics provided by beezidpro suggested that the only real bidder I was going up against were 2 people at most because other people in the room had not bid for at least 30 minutes. One bidder was reaching his/her “usual” amount of bid they seem to spend on a similar item and the other bidder had joined less than 3 minutes ago and had no bidding history meaning he was a complete noob. And as predicted the newbie stopped bidding against myself and the other bidder pretty quickly when he saw there was no way he’d win with us bidding. So all I had to do was pretty much bid a couple more times until the other bidder decided he’s had enough (as suggested by the stats) and I would’ve won. But I was being a “jew” about my bids and decided to hold off and I lost.

Lesson learned: STATISTICS DON’T LIE

Anyway, I’ll make a comprehensive review on the Beezid Pro tool that I use if you are interested but are not sure what its really about or if you are still one of those – is beezid a scam – doubters

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Beezid Pro – Tool to Help You Win?

It’s been a couple days since I won my ipod (post here) touch 4th gen. and though I haven’t been bidding on any new items, I’ve been researching some strategies and have been following some auctions on the beezid website (it was very tempting to make bids). Some auctions seem to last a pretty long time like 7 hours or so while I did see a a digital camera get sold for $7.62. Just from watching a couple of auctions I realize a lot of times there’s really only a couple people bidding against each other (sometimes 1 on 1) for an item even though there may be a lot more people in the auction watching.

So I figured if I try to keep track of everyone who bids and how much they bid since the beginning of the auction, I may be able to figure out when to bid to catch a moment where the few people bidding are sort of getting tired of each other and snipe the item for myself or also know not to bid if someone looks completely determined to win at all cost.

I did some research (like a lot of people and googled “how to win auctions in Beezid”) and found a program that claims to do all things I thought of doing for you with a lot more features called Beezid Pro. It seems like you can use this “software” to get access to a lot of the bidding history data for each user on Beezid. Not sure if this is a scam or even legal but apparently its completely legal and is risk free. By the way, some people are still asking me is beezid a scam and all I can tell you is my few winning stories and the fact that there’s other products that are based on beezid being legitimate like this program. But ultimately you’d have to try it out for yourself to become a believer.

Anyway, I don’t know how effective this software is because I haven’t tried it out myself but I think I might give it a try in a couple of days after I finish off some of my work and have more free time. In the mean time, if you want to check it out, I’ve linked the video I saw and a link to their official website below.

To visit the official Beezid Pro website, Click here

By the way, the video seems to repeat itself like the first 30 seconds but then its fine


To visit the official Beezid Pro website, Click here

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Is Beezid a Scam – Simple Answer: Nope

One of the recent penny auction sites i’ve been using is called Beezid. I’ve tried out a couple other ones in the past like bidcactus and quibids. I have to say, Quibids looks and feels most friendly to new users and is asthetically pleasing. And apart from other penny auction sites, they allow you to use purchased bids for credit if you want to just buy the product slightly higher than the retail price after an unsuccessful bidding spree. Unfortunately, there’s just way too many users in Quibids and I found it pretty hard to win.

So then like I said, i’ve recently tried out Beezid because I had a coupon from a friend that gave me a pretty big discount. I figured I would just use all my bids (200+) on a single item and not concern myself with giftcards and additional bidpacks. I kind of wanted to be a one time thing with sort of an all or nothing deal.

There were a lot of good items to bid on like macbooks, ipods, ipads, plasma tvs etc. which is always more welcomed than just having a bunch of giftcards like some small auction sites. For new users, seeing all these high ticketed items on the site can make them feel uneasy and possibly think “is beezid just a scam?” And in a way, I think everyone feels that way until they win their first item.

So anyways, I started off bidding on a ipod touch 4th generation 64gb on beezid. Usually, I have a hard time winning the high ticket products on most penny auction sites because I tend to be stingy on my bids a lot for some reason. But this time I just went all out. I didn’t really care too much whether I used up all my bids and didn’t get anything because I paid a very small price for my bids.

And long and behold, when I could care less about if I won, I won. I couldn’t belive it. I placed about 80 bids or so just non stop against 7 other people in the auction and was declared the WINNER. Right away, I kind of wished I bid on the macbook but this was still amazing.

So what did I end up paying for my new ipod touch?

Including the cost of bids, shipping charges, and the end auction price, I only ended up paying $36!!

The next couple days, I anxiously waited and finally received a Fedex package which contained my new ipod touch.

After winning an item and actually getting it delivered into my hands, obviously I don’t have to worry about Beezid being a scam or anything like that.

One thing I think that is really important in bidding in penny auctions is keeping yourself objective.There is a huge difference in your bidding style when you are just playing for fun/a little hope of winning versus completely invested in each of your bids. Also, getting too excited after winning an item and continuing on to other items right away thinking the same result will happen every time is a big mistake. I thought about getting into bidding more to try to win more but honestly I figured I was lucky that day and most likely I won’t be able to win something else big like that right away so I plan to just wait a bit and take things slow.

I’ll keep updating on how things go with beezid.

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Pro strategies to win beezid auctions

If you’re a new beezid or a penny auction player just starting out, winning an item can be a challenge. But one thing to always remember is that for every item auctioned, there is a winner. And if you’ve stuck around to play long enough, you’ll find a handful of people appearing over and over again. So who are these “people” (could it be that they are just computer bots? is beezid a scam?) and how are they winning so well on beezid?

One of the strategies that these advanced players use is called the scare tactic. Basically what they do is big an enormous amount of bids constantly against anyone and everyone against them until they win the item. It sounds foolish and it is stupid to do this if you are thinking about the loss and gain for that single item. But if you are planning to build a reputation, the cost is more than justified. Think about it. If you’ve stuck around enough to see the person who you know bids no matter what to the bitter end, would you dare to waste your bids against that person? And if you’re a new player who just joined a penny auction website and have no idea of the opponent’s reputation, how many bids would you use before getting scared and backing down? Answer is not many.

Many new players will either get scared and quit while other experienced players will just wait for a new item to be auctioned instead of foolishly bidding against the person. So a true veteran will not win every item being auctioned but will generally win the ones he chooses to win for a cheap price.

There’s two lessons from this post: 1) You can win regularly and even make profits from selling the items on amazon or ebay if you know how 2) If you think this is easily achievable, you are gravely mistaken.

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